Manufacturers of corrugated packaging


We are one of the largest independent corrugated packaging manufacturers in the South West and one of the most technologically advanced in the UK.

Online Ordering

We asked our customers whether they would like the ability to order online and we got a resounding YES! Eager to keep our customers happy, we are excited to be launching online ordering new for 2012.

Not only will you be able to order online, you will have full visibility of the progress of your orders as well as being able to monitor stock levels with our real-time account portal. Just another thing we hope will make your life a little easier.

Vehicle Tracking

We own our own fleet of delivery vehicles ranging from 7.5 tonnes to articulated trailers. All our vehicles are fitted with GPS satellite and tracking systems which means that at any point, we can track the progress of your delivery when it's on its way to you.


For the last 10 years, our internal team of IT experts have been developing Goose; a fully integrated, configurable business management system that lies at the heart of everything we do at Ablebox. Everything from initial enquiries and quotes through to production, scheduling and despatch comes together in one seamless flow. This 360 degree approach to internal operations delivers a host of benefits to our customers.


Goose has enabled us to build an entire customer service experience around the very specific requirements relevant to your business. Maybe you need certain types of regular or one off reports? Maybe you have restrictions or requests for booking in? Maybe you need your quotes or pallet labels laid out in a particular way?

Whatever you want, Goose can do it. And if it doesn’t do it already, our IT team will be only too happy to make the necessary development changes to make it happen.